April scavenger hunt


Things I collect, I love colourful scarves


6, I made a variety of tasty biscuits six different ones so all of the family had their favourites


Big, the first loaf of bread I have ever made it came out much bigger than expected, it was delicious


Pink, my daughter’s pointe shoes they are beautiful but so painful to dance in!


Plastic, if you look carefully my line and pegs


Texture, the wood ready for our wood burner


Curl, my lovely recipe book stand is made up of lots of curls, I always keep this recipe book on it my dad bought this for me when I was a teenager and it reminds me of him.


Sport, I am sure crabbing is a sport in some seaside towns, it is in our family anyway as you can see my son T and daughter B trying to fill their buckets.


Night light, my flower lamp


Dinner, no time for tea tonight as I have an evening meeting so I end up with my usual taramasalata and pitta bread.


My town/city, well here is Ryan my daughters friend visiting my son who lives in Brick Lane in central London. This used to be a very poor area when my Dad lived here over sixty years ago, now it is a very trendy and expensive place to live and my son has just moved here. Things seem to have come full circle and I feel quite at home when I visit.


Take off!!!


7 thoughts on “April scavenger hunt

  1. I love taramasalata with pitta bread and have it often for lunch. Your bread looks good, there’s nothing like homemade bread and the smell is divine.

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