All I have to worry about are my lost straighteners.

We arrived back from Centre Parcs last night after a lovely weekend T went straight back to London as he had work today. B had to have her stitches removed and we had to get the results of the mole that was removed. I had an awful nightmare and a restless sleep ladt night. I think it was playing on my mind quite a bit you see my husband has had to have quite a few moles removed and there is a family history to take into consideration too. The Consultant gave us the results they came back as absolutely clear nothing to worry about, I was so relieved I had to catch my breath. The stitches were removed and it is all a bit sore but I have to thank god that all I have to worry about this evening is I think I my lost straighteners at some point between Centre Parcs and home!


Fun Family Weekend

What a wonderful time we had this weekend! We all went to Centre Parcs, T managed to get some time off of work and came with us which made it even more special. I just love seeing my two hanging out together you see it doesn’t happen as much now that T has moved to London. Unfortunately B couldn’t swim as she had to have a mole removed and had stitches in but we all made the most of everything else. Mr C and T did weight boarding and Archery while B had a manicure and we both had a pedicure. The weather was beautiful Mr C and I would get up early each morning and go for a run in the forest, such a treat! and to top it all off Andy won at Wimbledon. A weekend to remember.