Merry Christmas

Hello I am just sitting here with my family, my husband, my daughter and my son who has come home from living in London, he is staying for three blissful days we all love having him home. We are enjoying each other’s company and I feel so blessed to have such a happy family.


I am looking forward to the new year with added anticipation as we are getting a puppy, a little Scottish Terrier we have named him Angus Iago, my daughter named him after her favourite Shakespeare character – Iago is one of Shakespeare’s most mischievous characters, I think she hopes he will take after his namesake! We have to wait until he is 8 weeks old which will be on 22nd January. So excited!



All I have to worry about are my lost straighteners.

We arrived back from Centre Parcs last night after a lovely weekend T went straight back to London as he had work today. B had to have her stitches removed and we had to get the results of the mole that was removed. I had an awful nightmare and a restless sleep ladt night. I think it was playing on my mind quite a bit you see my husband has had to have quite a few moles removed and there is a family history to take into consideration too. The Consultant gave us the results they came back as absolutely clear nothing to worry about, I was so relieved I had to catch my breath. The stitches were removed and it is all a bit sore but I have to thank god that all I have to worry about this evening is I think I my lost straighteners at some point between Centre Parcs and home!

Fun Family Weekend

What a wonderful time we had this weekend! We all went to Centre Parcs, T managed to get some time off of work and came with us which made it even more special. I just love seeing my two hanging out together you see it doesn’t happen as much now that T has moved to London. Unfortunately B couldn’t swim as she had to have a mole removed and had stitches in but we all made the most of everything else. Mr C and T did weight boarding and Archery while B had a manicure and we both had a pedicure. The weather was beautiful Mr C and I would get up early each morning and go for a run in the forest, such a treat! and to top it all off Andy won at Wimbledon. A weekend to remember.

New challenges

I love my job and feel privileged to hold a role supporting my community settings. However due to the government cuts in funding unfortunately my role may not be secure and I need to look at finding a back up. I have decided to explore becoming an adult tutor, it is something I think I will enjoy and to begin with I will be able to do in addition to my existing job. I am quite excited but also quite nervous as I have been comfortable and happy in my existing role. I guess now days it is rare to have a job until you retire and we have to be prepared to adapt and take on new challenges. I will begin my new path and see where it takes me.

Fun and challenges

It has been quite busy in our home firstly B had her Prom. She looked so grown up and so beautiful.

20130523-203532.jpg B is the one in pale green she is with her best friend and her favourite teacher.

Now it is a stressful time for B as she is in the middle of her GCSEs exams only 3 weeks to go! However she is thrilled as she auditioned and got into Panto for this Christmas at the Civic theatre, it’s her first professional show.

Handmade Lizzie, my friend Gill and I had fun at Tea and sympathy creating a 1940s look. We enjoyed earl grey Martinis which were served in bone china teacups.


April scavenger hunt


Things I collect, I love colourful scarves


6, I made a variety of tasty biscuits six different ones so all of the family had their favourites


Big, the first loaf of bread I have ever made it came out much bigger than expected, it was delicious


Pink, my daughter’s pointe shoes they are beautiful but so painful to dance in!


Plastic, if you look carefully my line and pegs


Texture, the wood ready for our wood burner


Curl, my lovely recipe book stand is made up of lots of curls, I always keep this recipe book on it my dad bought this for me when I was a teenager and it reminds me of him.


Sport, I am sure crabbing is a sport in some seaside towns, it is in our family anyway as you can see my son T and daughter B trying to fill their buckets.


Night light, my flower lamp


Dinner, no time for tea tonight as I have an evening meeting so I end up with my usual taramasalata and pitta bread.


My town/city, well here is Ryan my daughters friend visiting my son who lives in Brick Lane in central London. This used to be a very poor area when my Dad lived here over sixty years ago, now it is a very trendy and expensive place to live and my son has just moved here. Things seem to have come full circle and I feel quite at home when I visit.


Take off!!!

Spring at last

It has been so lovely to see the sun this week it just makes everything feel so cheery! The trees have suddenly burst into colour and I have been planting out some spring flowers to make our garden look pretty, I think it must feel welcoming as we have a visitor, a female blackbird has moved in and made a nest in our wood shed right on the top of the wood pile.




My friend handmade Lizzy always says how much better homemade bread is so Mr C and I decided to try it, we collected all of the ingredients together and followed the instructions carefully. I am lucky that Mr C likes to get involved so he did the hard work kneading the dough! We are delighted with the result and plan to try to make time to make our own bread every weekend.


Enough rambling from me I must go and finish off taking photos for April’s Scavenger Hunt it is the first time I have joined in and I haven’t worked out how to upload them yet wish me luck as you wave me goodbye!! Rosemary xx